Appel d’offre ORP 2021B

The OPTICON-RadioNet-Pilot (ORP) TNA is issuing a new call for proposal for the period 2021B (September 2021 to February 2022).  TBL is offering a maximum of seven nights to the ORP community with instrument NeoNarval.

It closes on 1 March 2021 at 23.59UT exactly.

Details for this call can be found here:

Details on NeoNarval (french) here:

An ETC is being designed. Expected performance for Neo Narval will be close to Narval ones (spectropolarimetry and S/N).

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Appel d'offre

AO TBL 2021B

Appel d’offres télescopes nationaux / Call for proposals for observations on the French telescopes (2021B) Les demandes pour les télescopes nationaux (second semestre 2021) sont ouvertes du 17 Mars au 20 Avril 2021 / The proposals for observations on the French telescopes (second semester 2021) are open from March 17th to April 20th. Date limite […]


Appel d'offre

AO TBL 2021A


Appel d'offre

AO INSU 2020B (nouvelle date limite 5 mai)

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