Scientific Council


A new TBL Scientific council has been formed in September 2023. The mandate of the members is 5 years, except for those present as representatives of an organization. The current members of the scientific council are:

  • Kévin Belkacem
  • Isabelle Boisse
  • Rémi Cabanac
  • Jean-François Donati
  • Marc Ferrari
  • Astrid Lamberts
  • Eder Martioli
  • Nadège Meunier (president)
  • Coralie Neiner
  • Philippe Stee
  • Edita Stonkute


The mission of the TBL scientific council is to assist in the scientific management of the telescope, its instrumentation (for ex. priorities among various potential upgrades based on scientific interest) and operations on all aspects impacting the science made by the users. The scientific council can make propositions or recommendations on the following aspects:

  • Monitoring of the scientific instrumentation and evolution: orientations based on the need of the community, maintenance and renovation actions based on proposed plan by the TBL team
  • Telescope time: recommendations to the TAC], for instance about the importance of scheduling (e.g. PI vs Large Programs time, one instrument vs another, amount of targets of opportunity), call for large programs
  • Scientific animation Scientific animation: contribution to the relationship with users (a SF2A session,  focusing on gathering the French community, is already organised every two years by the TBL direction jointly with the T193@OHP direction). 

The reports of the CS are transmitted to INSU by the INSU representative in the scientific council, and to the OMP direction by the OMP representative in the CS.


Past meetings:

Next meeting: Fall 2024